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Gandhi Roti

I eat Gandhi’s roti 4 times a year (probably more, but let’s just pretend).

Craved it last night. One of those spontaneous let’s get fat decisions. And wanted to try something other than the butter chicken.

So I called in, and the sweet man humoured me over the phone & listed out all the vegetarian options… finally settled on a mix – the eggplant/channa roti! Love eggplant. Love chickpeas.

Had to be good, right?


What I craved (after the fact, of course) was…potatoes. and peas. and chicken. and creamy & rich.

Yep, the medium butter chicken…with peas.

It was one of those turn-back-time moments. Re-do! Do-over!

But, I’ll be feeling adventurous again. So, if that happens, what should I order?? Can’t face that disappointment again.

Hoping passionate Gandhi roti fans will enlighten. Also looking at former co-workers, who religiously order every Thurs. Yep, every week…without fail. I know, right? Commitment at its finest.

Wait, did that one count?!

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Harlem Crawfish

First crawfish experience. Messy. Spicy. Delicious.

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…how I’ve missed you. It’s been 24 days since last update. For shame! And trust me, no good excuse.

I’ve been eating like a fiend.

At some fantastically good places, too. With good friends. With new friends! So, the need to air my dirty laundry in public is a vow to myself and anyone who reads this…<hi dad>…to be more committed. No more neglecting. If I can eat, I can write.

New mantra. Kinda like a second-wind resolution. A taste of the last few weeks…yep, read it like a menu.


Lady Marmalade, Fire on the East Side, Insomnia

Pure Spirits Oyster House & Grill, Lola’s Commissary

Foxley, Oyshi, Harlem, Kokoro, Nyood, Masa, O&B Café Grill, Starfish, RubyWatchco (sweet lord, just wait ’til I get to this one), Seafood for Thought, Guu Izakaya

Soma Chocolatemaker, Sweet Escape, Nadège


See, Gowalla’s good for something! You folks on 4sq are lucky…would’ve turned off your notifications long ago. And yes, I wear these like badges of honour. Rather…badges of GLUTTONY.

We’ve got some home-cooking thrown into the mix as well, by some special ladies in my life. My mama, for one. My bestest, for another. Think I also tried a new recipe this month. Notice, singular. Will regale you with stories & pictures, promise.

Warning: It’ll be out of order. sigh. Breaking every rule in the book. Since I couldn’t get my sh*t together, this is what happens. And some, simply need to be aired out first… like my first media event!!! And Ruby. And Seafood for Thought. And Guu. And home-made pho.

In other news! Next week, if I’m so lucky…will be checking out a new restaurant w/ a certain someone ;)

Cue Julie & Julia. Except. I’m not cooking. And, not being interviewed. And, not channeling Julia Child.

Hmm. Not the greatest analogy, was it? But damn it, will be JUST as exuberant as that red-head.

And with that, will leave you hanging… ’cause I kinda want you to come back ;) This wknd. Me. MacBook. Balcony. Writing.

BBQ anyone? Just head south of the barricade.

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