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Guu Setup

A life-changing experience. Well, for two weeks at least.

There’s no greater satisfaction than introducing friends to a new restaurant, where their enthusiasm surpasses yours (a difficult feat, mind you), and their appreciation for food knows no boundaries.

The three of us seized the evening, took off for Guu and miraculously, managed not to wait an hour and a half in line…a sign for a good night ahead. Walked in to a room filled with loud, boisterous greetings, sat down, ordered sake and rubbed our hands in anticipation. K&K poured over the menu, scanned every dish, finally looked up, and said “order for us”.

Should’ve seen the grin on my face.

Although…it could have been disastrous.

berry sakegria!

Thankfully, it wasn’t! Suspenseful, this blog is not. May even claim greatest success to-date.

Matched up a couple with a restaurant. High five!

Their infatuation has since waned (1 of 2 will dispute that claim), but for fourteen days, it was glorious.

Outstanding dishes:

As the raw egg was deftly mixed into our salmon natto yukke & spooned on to a square of seaweed – held my breath, this was a favourite – if K&K didn’t enjoy, setup was gonna fail…miserably.

Seconds later, we had ourselves vigorous nods & incoherent ramblings. Yes.

salmon natto yukke

Honourable Mentions:

Tuna tartare & avocado. Layer 1 of happy. Layer 2 of happy.

Special of the night…hope it re-appears again.

B.C tuna tartare & avocado w. sesame oil, teriyaki sauce

Scallop sashimi was our hero. Fresh & citrusy with the yuzu, another ceviche knocked off the list!

scallop, prawn, squid ceviche

ceviche + deep-fried octopus balls

It pains, but easily forgettable:

Take a look at this pic. Something I’d want for breakfast. But shockingly – and note, you’ll never hear me say this again – too much of a good thing.

grilled avocado & prawn topped w. mayo & panko crust

Riding our high of good food, good company…we were also determined to get the best farewell.

Finale of a tweet: SUCCESS! the chefs screamed goodbye & our waiter ran into a table opening the door for us #guu

Try it, you may also find a compatible match ;)

398 Church St.


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