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Mâche salad

Salad season!

Well, every season is salad season…and by that, I mean every day. 

So, we need to be a little creative. And here’s a fav – mâche salad with my three A’s: asparagus, artichokes & avocado. 

Mildly nutty in flavor & buttery soft in texture, mâche greens are also delicately pretty. High rankings on the scale of prettiness. Important, remember? And with this recipe, so tasty.


mâche greens
2-4 artichoke hearts
2 stalks of grilled asparagus
2 campari tomatoes
1/4 avocado
1/3 extra virgin olive oil
2/3 balsamic vinegar
black pepper


Assemble, toss with oil & vinegar and a dash of black pepper. Enjoy!


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Who doesn’t love avocado?

Have said this before & will say it again.

I could eat an avocado a day, for 365 days straight, and not tire of it.

In advertising, we’re conscious of creative fatigue. And we swap out creative that appears to be underperforming due to perceived wear-out, overexposure etc.

That, my friend, would never be the case. I would never swap you out.

Top 5 fav d’après-midi snack:
roasted tomato & olive oil crackers w. avocado + tomatoes



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