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Sushi Inn

I’m a fake critic.

Third party claims. And by third parties, I mean friends. And by fake critic, I mean they claim I love everything I eat.

Until tonight.

Tonight, I “finally” experienced disappointment.

Sushi Inn. Yorkville.

Yes, deliberate insertion. Who assumed it would be fantastic (or at least half-decent) merely based on location? I DID. Shame on me. Wrong assumption. It was bad. So bad, didn’t even want to take pictures. I know. Serious, right?

It pains (not this time), but forgettable:
Yam Tempura, Spicy salmon maki, Spicy tuna maki, Dragon B (aka Red Dragon)

Q: When does locale compensate for poor quality? It doesn’t. To describe in one: sloppy. Rolls so loose, they don’t stand a chance with your chopsticks. Rolls that just fall apart. Rolls so lacking in presentation. Teeny, tiny rolls. Yep, even the Dragon B…all smoke, no fire. Bits of shrimp tempura, avocado, salmon, tobiko…naked & exposed for the world to see… or rather, our judging eyes.

Did they run out of sushi rice? Did they try a new rice vinegar? Did they bypass the fresh fish market? Did they hire a new sushi chef apprentice? Sigh. Endless questions.

And the best part… IT WAS PACKED!!

No words.

[Sidebar]: T & I  were particularly distracted by the couple sitting next to us, who appeared to be on their – hmm, wild guess – 2nd date, eating quite possibly the s-l-o-w-e-s-t meal of all time. One udon noodle at a time. Agonizing. Yet, bizarrely fascinating.

Ok, meanie rant is over. Starved. Need a midnight snack.

How’s that for a scathing review? I feel dirty.

120 Cumberland St.


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