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Lady Marmalade

Best brunch in the city? Ongoing debate.

Best eggs benny in the city? Lady Marmalade.

Not a huge waffle, pancake or french toast kinda girl. Give me a good omelette or benny any day. So, this 30-min-wait-Leslieville-hot-spot already has that going for them. No, impartiality doesn’t exist here.

7 featured bennies on the menu. Ranging from brie, avocado & bacon (which L got, minus the bacon) to fresh tomato & pesto, everything is made fresh and to order.

After much debate, decided on the cheddar, bacon & mango. Attempted a bacon-avocado swap, but no substitutions allowed. My 2 cents: avocado should just be a given. Or a staple, like ketchup.

Served on charmingly mismatched plates & cutlery, our bennies come smothered in a creamy lemony hollandaise, with a side of greens & potatoes. With that first bite… yes! Love a good benny. 1 down, 6 to go.

T ordered the “kung foo”: organic tofu scramble with shitakes, bokchoy, spinach, scallions, sesame, served with basmati brown rice, toast & a salad. Unique for a brunch menu, yes. Enjoyed, yes.

Other stand-outs with rave reviews – the huevos rancheritos &/or huevos migas. Just another reason to come back ;)

fyi: cash only

898 Queen St. E

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