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Last dining experience? 24 days ago. Don’t ask how I remember… it’s disturbing, I know.

After a glorious 6-week binge (there’s no other word), wallet cried mercy.

And so, it ceased. Regretfully.

But we’re back! And what better restaurant to try than Union? On the list for months & much-anticipated… with no tastebuds. Ok, slight exaggeration, but how does one manage to be stuffy and runny at the same time?! Never understood.

Anyway, NG was duly forewarned and off we went!

Tiny restaurant. Great space. Effortlessly casual. Free-drawn mural covering one expanse of the wall. Open-kitchen. Yes.

photo cred: Robert Brodey

Menu is startlingly small, but it’s not about quantity. Nearly half of the menu changes according to what’s available at the markets that day. Chef Teo Paul’s dedication to fresh and local.

And since NG is currently doing a nineteen-day sunrise-to-sunset Bahá’í fast, we had the added element of pure appreciation for food that night. Heightened senses to offset sniffly senses. Great partnership. ;)

What I didn’t have, was the new camera. For shame. Regardless, verbal depiction of our experience – hope you enjoy.

Outstanding dishes:

Sticky ribs: pork ribs on the bone with smoked & bruised pork belly

(If you like ribs. love ribs. lukewarm about ribs. hell, even if you hate ribs. You MUST try.
Sauce. Ridiculously good. That’s all)

Fresh fish: White fish w/ roasted vegetables & seasonal greens

(Succulently flaky, moist, tender, and boldly-seasoned. Rarely used for fish, but it fits. And the roasted vegetables…perfect accompaniment)

Honourable mentions:

Elk sliders w/ miran galangal glaze & pickle on challah

(Meaty & juicy with a bite from the pickled pickle. Slight disappointment with the toast – think high end hamburger bun, visual letdown)

Sides: Frites & winter-style potatoes w/ yogurt, radish & chives

(3/4 of the way through our meal – surprise! oh my. just perfect for dipping into that sweet, slightly spicy, wickedly good rib sauce)

Until next time:

Haddock cakes – Charcuterie – Crispy Polenta Gratin – Roast Bird – Soup du jour – Plat du jour
(for the adventurous. oh so exciting!)

…clearly need to go back.

And another reason? Laissez-faire Saturdays.
Cue east coast oysters, in-house charcuterie, artisanal cheeses & vino. H-E-A-V-E-N.

Every Saturday from noon–5:30pm

Who’s joining me this weekend?

72 Ossington Ave
Toronto, ON


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