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N & I were searching for the greatest little patio over the long weekend. Timely, this post is not. Pls forgive, life has been a bit of a whirlwind! Anyway, we were about to brunch. Our favourite activity :)

Queen W. was our neighbourhood for the day, and two places immediately came to mind: Saving Grace or Swan. Unfortunately, no patio for Saving Grace, and Swan didn’t particularly appeal to N.

Ruthless in our pursuit for sun and good food, we wandered off and found ourselves at the Hoof Café. Be still my heart. Literally. Suckling pig benny, rabbit buckwheat pancakes, tongue grilled cheese, side of bone marrow… you know, your everyday brunch menu. Have wanted to try for AGES, but alas, no patio and stuffed with carnivores. Another time.

With that, I suggested La Bréhandaise. Deliciously simple, quintessentially French, with a great, secluded patio around the back. N was happy. She had been dying to try their savoury galettes (buckwheat crêpes)…and I could already taste their sweet dessert crêpes.

photo cred: Stephen Chung

What I’ve come to realize – if ever in doubt, overwhelmed by options or completely undecided b/c everything looks so good – ask your server.

And so, we looked up trustingly at John. Without hesitation, he rhymed off his favourites…food confidence, could anything be more attractive?

We ordered, and while we waited, enjoyed the sun and sipped their newest hard cider from Bretagne. Served in traditional bolée cups, the Coat-Albert was refreshingly light…happy gals we were that day.  

photo cred: Stephen Chung

Galettes were lightly filled, folded, topped with an over easy egg and choice topping.  Initial reaction? Deflation. Ouch. Why? Buckwheat : filling ratio. Where was the rest of it?! Tasty, but disappointingly sparse (or authentically thin – whichever way you want to look at it). And then…the salad. Iceberg lettuce? Deflation x 2. Hrmph! Why why why. When it’s so easy not to do it…why?

Slightly mollified when John said the magic words – “sweet crêpes, ladies?” Absolutely. Hmm, salted butter caramel or caramelized apple or strawberry coulis & whipped cream? No, what we wanted were bananas, warm chocolate sauce, & a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Oui, s’il vous plaît. Satisfied smiles.

Food photos are taken by John, who also served as our photographer for the afternoon. Really, he hijacked my camera. But, who am I to complain? Gladly handed over.

La Jugonaise: Galette with egg, ham, Emmental & creamy mushrooms

La Saint Glennaise: Galette with egg, ham, Emmental & onion compote

Pléneuf: Crêpe with banana & hot chocolate sauce

Simple fare and tasty. Sweet crêpes… infinitely more satisfying. Would love to know your thoughts – agree or disagree? By the way, the chocolate sauce, strawberry & raspberry sauce, salted butter caramel & crème Chantilly are homemade.

942 Queen St. W
Toronto, ON

Closed Mondays.


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