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Gandhi Roti

I eat Gandhi’s roti 4 times a year (probably more, but let’s just pretend).

Craved it last night. One of those spontaneous let’s get fat decisions. And wanted to try something other than the butter chicken.

So I called in, and the sweet man humoured me over the phone & listed out all the vegetarian options… finally settled on a mix – the eggplant/channa roti! Love eggplant. Love chickpeas.

Had to be good, right?


What I craved (after the fact, of course) was…potatoes. and peas. and chicken. and creamy & rich.

Yep, the medium butter chicken…with peas.

It was one of those turn-back-time moments. Re-do! Do-over!

But, I’ll be feeling adventurous again. So, if that happens, what should I order?? Can’t face that disappointment again.

Hoping passionate Gandhi roti fans will enlighten. Also looking at former co-workers, who religiously order every Thurs. Yep, every week…without fail. I know, right? Commitment at its finest.

Wait, did that one count?!

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