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Is this not the most beautiful dish you’ve ever laid eyes on?

Reinstating slight obsession for Susur’s singaporean slaw. 19 elusive ingredients… from daikon sprouts, fennel, julienned jicama, cucumber, carrots to taro root, edible flower petals, toasted sesame seeds… it’s visually spectacular & indescribable. Yes, even carrots become exotic. If you’ve had it, please chime in with wildly descriptive love notes. If you haven’t, will incoherently rave for a few min & then force you to be next dinner date.

One ambitious day, L & I will attempt. For fun. Can you imagine?! Will need hours, a mandolin (or two) and lots of good humour.

Until that day, if I suggest Lee or Lee Lounge for dinner… say yes to the slaw.



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