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Tutti Matti

It’s becoming a bit of a tradition at O – birthday lunches at Tutti Matti.    

And we were back, celebrating our lovely M last Friday.     

Getting nine people out the door, at the same time, on time, for a reservation – a feat in itself. Best part, the restaurant is next door (literally). And, bless them – we’re forgiven each time. So, shortly after 12:30pm, we walk in.      

And our eyes widened.     

Packed. Every table, every seat. Conversations swirling. Cutlery clinking. Lips silently smacking. The restaurant was humming. Ahh, Winterlicious. Alida Solomon’s cooking.   

Some of us opted in, some opted out…pourquoi?     


You know what I’m referring to. When a dish is that good, it inspires loyalty. So, why deny yourself the pleasure? I would never judge. And if I did, throw “arctic char. black cod. Foxley” back in my face.   

That’ll teach me.     

On the other hand, we thought we knew every pasta on the menu. Oh, were we mistaken!  6 days later, still thinking about them. That’s right, plural.     


Stand-out dishes:     

Pappardelle con stracotto
(changed my life. well, for 90min. And for a few others as well.)    

hand cut pappardelle with pulled brisket, tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs


Tortelli di asparagi
(complete surprise. “WOW.” one bite, that’s all it takes. sweet deliciousness in each tortelli)    

tortelli: ricotta and mascarpone cheese, pumpkin, mint with butter & sage


Tagliatelle con cinghiale
(inspires loyalty in many,  you’ll be next – i guarantee it.)     

hand cut pasta, wild boar stew, porcini mushrooms



Honourable mentions:    

Fettucine aglione
– hand cut pasta with organic tomatoes, garlic and extra virgin olive oil –
(one of my personal favs. simplicity wins.)    

Carpaccio di manzo 
– beef carpaccio served with fresh arugula, shaved parmigiano reggiano –
(earlier claim still stands. best carpaccio in the city)    

Zuppa di Funghi e Ceci
– chickpea and mushroom soup –
(plentiful & delicious, served in the greatest soup bowl)    

Open-faced panini: Dado   

bufala mozzarella, oven roasted tomatoes, basil



It pains, but easily forgettable:    

Fettuccine di piero
– hand cut pasta with meat sauce –
(simply pales in comparison to the others)   

Gnudi di Spinaci e Ricotta
– spinach and ricotta “naked” ravioli in butter & sage –
(disappointingly naked. that’s all.)   


fyi: you’ll never look at pasta the same way again.  Alida makes sure of it.   

364 Adelaide Street W.


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Oh Italia!

There’s nothing like fresh pasta.   

Never before have I uttered this statement. Italian food and I were merely strangers. Now, acquaintances. And suddenly, I want to become its best friend.   

photo cred: Sifu Renka

Tagliatelle, papardelle, fettuccine, gnudi…want to try it all. And I’ve been to Italy. Cue Rome, Milan & Florence. Mind is not conjuring up out-of-this-world pasta (what did we EAT?!)…memories are of gelato and beautiful Italian men. Shame. Well, just means I need to go back.   

Instead of regaling you with inadequate descriptions of how ridiculously good hand-cut pasta can be…will urge you to visit two restaurants that have personally sealed it for me. Thanks John B.   

Tutti Matti (Adelaide W. & Charlotte) – http://www.tuttimatti.com/     

Buca (King W. & Portland) – http://www.buca.ca/    

What are your favourites?  Send & share pls.   


(sidenote: best carpaccio di manzo in the city)   

photo cred: Jen Chan

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