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Our first experience sans photos. Our second experience avec photos.

This wknd, a girlfriend asked if we enjoyed Ruby Watchco just as much the 2nd time round, and I belatedly realized with some chagrin that I had never posted our fabulous dinner from July.


Let’s fix that, shall we?

So, we were celebrating sweet A‘s birthday, and on the menu for the eve was Ruby’s BBQ chicken dinner. Now, if I may be completely frank, chicken doesn’t excite (ever). Perhaps to see what it’s been stuffed with, but given the amount of time I devote to a menu…barely a cursory glance. 2%, if that, to le insignificant poulet. Judge away. I judge your chicken with my snobbery.

Wish I could say that night was different. And I can’t, so I won’t.

Instead, will focus on what was underneath…and O MY, did it ever make up for its nonexcitingness.

Coffee porter braised beef brisket hash.

Yes. Sounds pretty freakin’ good, right? Forget the chicken, we were all digging for the braised beef. Dig dig dig.

ruby watchco: feast

Stand-outs: Warm and unbelievably fresh, you bet your pretty little smile those chive buttermilk biscuits taste just as good as they look.

…and even better with their to-die-for house churned butter.

ruby watchco: cheddar chive buttermilk biscuits

Now, honourable mention goes to the grilled corn with honey smoked paprika butter. Boiled, cooked in milk, finished off on the grill and smeared with that crazy good butter. Sweet corn on a summer’s day is the best, isn’t it? Too bad it’s no longer summer.

Right then, moving along!

It pains, but forgettable dishes of the night included the creamy cilantro lime napa slaw + summer bean salad.

The slaw was far too creamy, and absolutely unfair, but slaw triggers salivation over Susur’s singaporean version. The bean salad had a nice crunch from the yellow and green beans. Nice, like, your first blind date nice. Never again, nice.

ruby watchco: feast II

Cheese plate! So, I’m a stinky hard cheese kinda girl.

The riopelle was soft, brie-like, a triple cream cheese from Quebec…quite nice & smeared exceptionally well. Talk to the other ladies, they’ll give you a more eloquent orgasmic reaction.

ruby watchco: le riopelle de l'isle

Mmm, warm & peachy crumble.

More crumble & a stronger hit of cinnamon would have been just what autumn ordered.

ruby watchco: ontario peach crumble

Now, don’t worry we’re ending on a high note. Like you guys were even concerned ;)

Pavlova. My new FAVOURITE dessert.

Meringue-based, light, delicate and velvety with a spongey-crunchy shell; texture is fantastically good. Berries were bittersweet, but fork kept returning to the plate…for more pavlova…like it had a mind of its own. Hmm.

ruby watchco: pavlova w/ blackberries

ruby watchco

Ultimately, enjoyed the food more the first time around – however dessert redeemed itself tenfold, remember our le-gourmand-style-hard-rock cookies?! Service was just as lovely, we toasted the day A was born & happily stuffed our faces like the little piggies we were and enjoyed every minute of it.

Now, it’s been months and we need to find ourselves another pavlova.

730 Queen St. East


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I had beyond high expectations.

My own silly fault… waited months to try. So, the anticipation builds and builds…and when the eve finally arrived, giddy as a schoolgirl. Thankfully, I was in good company. Me & my three best ladies. All giddy together.

Cute, I know. Go ahead, gag a little.

While you’re doing that, keep reading.


Premature you may think, since I haven’t described anything, but nauseating giddiness.

So, imagine this: Chef Lynn Crawford has invited you over for dinner. And she has crafted a menu just for the evening. Paying homage to fresh, local ingredients, a four-course culinary feast is being whipped up in the back kitchen. For you. Served family-styles, in heavy, red casserole dishes, think home cooking at its best. Yes, help yourself. And be generous…there’s enough for everybody ;)

During our mains, I was animatedly sharing – something fascinating, I’m sure – paused, glanced down and realized that we had devoured…everything. Every dish, every plate, licked clean. Spotless. Clearly, the girls were just pretending to be engaged. They didn’t give a sh*t. All they cared about was the food.

And what better compliment is there? None.

photo cred: ruby watchco

Overwhelming consensus. Exceptionally good food. Matched by equally impressive service. Rarely will I comment, unless it was abominable or outstanding…and it was wonderful. Ever walk in a restaurant to encounter that refined-perky-nose-in-air judgement? The worst. Not the case with Ruby.

Our hostess was charming, and our server was lovely and attentive…didn’t miss a detail…and if a crumb was left behind, discreetly taken care of by co-owner Joey Skeir seconds later. Atmosphere? Engaging, charged and lively. We had a bloody great time. Best experience in a while.

Sidebar: Unfortunately, my kick ass camera isn’t a robot who tells me how to properly adjust for low mood lighting. The shots don’t do it justice. So, I’d rather not. Use your imagination & tastebuds ;)


Our menu for the eve:

Heirloom Tomatoes, Halloumi Cheese Croutons, Creemore Radishes, Rose Bella Cerignola Olive Vinaigrette

{we were fighting over those croutons)

Button Mushroom & Boston Lettuce with Blue Cheese Dressing, Smashed Thompson Farm’s Yukon Gold Potatoes, Darling Honey Glazed Carrots

{um. steak. medium-rare. good. that’s all.
reduced to one word sentences good.
blue cheese. not a fan…still not a fan. and salad was salt-y. pourquoi? je ne sais pas.
best smashed potatoes you’ll ever taste. true story.}

Spiced Mixed Nuts & Homemade Orange Marmalade

{who loves cheese? we do! forget the nuts & marma. vino was perfect with it}

Ed’s Real Scoop Stracciatella Gelato

{ok. our only disappointment. not rave-worthy.  expected a warm, gooey mess. minutes out of oven mess. we got hard la-gourmand-style-cookie-muffins that just confused us. we couldn’t break into it. do we pick it up? eat it with our hands? throw it back in the oven? what to do?!}

photo cred: youngstreetmedia (head chef lora kirk, owner chef lynn crawford)

FYI: The menu changes every night, every week. If you’re an obsessive planner – or simply curious – you’ll be able to see the week’s menu on their site. Other option: opt in & get daily menu e-mails. My personal choice of food porn, every morning.

The vibe in the back is slightly different from the front; a little closer to the heart of the action. Plus, all the better to admire the Ruby Watch Co. sign, which is by far, the most arresting fixture in the restaurant. That, or Chef Lynn, herself.

So if she’s inviting you over for dinner, you can’t turn her down. Nor, would you want to ;)

730 Queen St. East

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