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granville island: clam chowder

granville island: oysters

granville island: mussels


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vancouver: olympic flame


vancouver: ignite the dream light show


vancouver: robson square

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Personal favourites from our trip –

To appreciate Vancouver at its finest;
to stand in the middle of the streets of Robson and Granville;
to be in a sea of red & white;
to visit Whistler village;
to soak in the overwhelming Olympic spirit;
to scream our lungs out when Canada scored its 1st, 4th, 7th goal against Russia;
to look forward to 2014;
to feel the energy in Ontario House;
to ring that cowbell;
to enjoy spicy salmon sashimi with good friends;
to experience kindness from complete strangers;
to be mesmerized by Virtue & Moir;
to snap a pic with Sumi & Miga;
to be rejuvenated by a spectacular light show;
to take the ferry over to Granville Island;
to marvel at the quaintness of the market;
to soak up delicious white wine & garlic broth with fresh bread;
to laugh with giddiness;
to be so faint with hunger;
to sample every flavour cupcake from Cupcakes;
to experience the most generous hospitality;
to cry when Joannie took the ice for her free skate;
to celebrate our women’s victorious gold over the U.S
to witness a medal ceremony;
to spot the Olympic flame;
to be captivated by the mountains;
to wait in line for 40 min for a hot dog;
to get excited over a good photo taken;
to reconnect with old friends;
to meet new friends;
to be proud of our athletes;
to be bonded by pride;
to create memories.

Such a sap.

All I want to do now is watch montages.

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3 girls. Feb 22 – 25.  4 days, 3 nights.

Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.

Best impulsive, last-minute decision ever made. So unlike us. And that’s what made it extra special. We are planners. One plans trips. One plans weddings. One plans where her next meal will be. Life in general. Obsessively, we plan.

We played a game of “who knows?” that night. Who knows when the next Olympics will be hosted by Canada? Who knows where we’ll be in our lives? Married? With kids? Living abroad? Who knows if we’ll have the same opportunity to experience… it went on.

Fast forward >> 12 hours.

Vacation approved. Flights booked. No place to stay. No tickets to events. No plan of attack.

Heart palpitations. Hard.

Fast forward >> 5 days. Our plane touches down in Vancouver.

We pinch ourselves. Giddy with excitement.

Fast forward >> 4 days. Our plane touches down in Toronto.

Worth it?

Indescribably YES. Would-do-it-in-a-second-again YES.

Will be sharing some of my favourite photos over the next few days. Look out for them!

Moments. Experiences. Scenery. Food.

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