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Our happy place

If you’re having a bad day, just look at this pic. It may help.

Or you may just need a stiff drink.


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Decadence @ the Bellagio

I’ve been neglectful. And these pictures have been waiting, oh so impatiently, to be shared.

My my, Vegas is indulgent in more ways than one.

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Camp Organic.

Think of the Apprentice, on steroids.

4 offices. 3 days. 7 sins. 7 teams. All disciplines. Different personalities. Intense-ness x 10.

Storytelling exercises, interviewing techniques, ideation sessions… to prep us for the big one.

36 hours to develop and pitch a new business.

Each team had a ‘persona’ to target. And we, team Greed, had the ‘Douchebags’. I kid you not, written on the piece of paper.

With that, to my dearly respected friends whom I called – pls don’t be offended.
I’ll explain, I promise. Alternatively, I’ll grovel at your feet and buy you a round (or five)

So, our initial task was to extract insights from our personas.  Purpose: demonstrate compelling customer empathy. Support our pitch with juicy material. Tell a great story.

Ok, but where does one find such deep & irresistible insights?


From complete strangers.

On the streets. In the bars. At the Bellagio. At Wynn’s buffet. At the Palms.

Why, of course. Cue heart palpitations.

Time to grovel. We quickly realized that this term was presumptuous, (slightly) judgmental and our men didn’t fit the profile as described. Our men weren’t douchebags! Our men were ambitious, purposeful, enterprising, successful, competitive, self-motivated etc. And we were barely scratching the surface.

So many layers. So complex. Our “Eric with a C”.

p.s – Guys, I KNEW all of this before I called you…purely validation research.

At this point, I’ll stop here. Would hate to spoil anything for the next lucky souls ;)

For me, it was an exhaustingly-fantastic experience. 9hrs of sleep over 3 days exhausting. Driven to consume first-ever Red Bull exhausting. 2.5 days to get over jet-lag exhausting. Worth it? Absolutely. Professionally & personally, we were challenged. In ways we had never been before. Tempted to do the Vancouver-mush, but will save for another time. Those who participated in the previous 17 will understand. Agree or disagree, it’s an experience.

And if I could show one pic, it would be this one (thanks U).

team greed's incoherently brilliant ideas

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