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Sitting at the Anise hotel bar in Hà Nội, enjoying a Vietnamese coffee (hold that thought…exciting update!). It’s our 4th day in Hà Nội, and we’ve just attempted to re-explore the Old Quarter with the intent of perusing a few select art galleries, but sadly had to call it quits. Pourquoi? Torrential downpours.

Ok, slight exaggeration. Bless those rain gods, we missed the downpour while having our chả cá (a specialty dish of Hà Nội) lunch in a beautifully restored old Vietnamese house on Ma May street. Lucky for us, the high winds continued and threatened to turn our umbrellas out every few blocks. And this unseasonably miserable weather is expected to continue for the remainder of the week… until Friday…when we leave. Our good fortune, right? That blissful half-a-day on the hot sandy beach in Hội An a week and a half ago is but a distant memory. Sigh.

All lamenting aside, we’ve been having the most incredible time. It’s been a special trip of rekindled memories, combined with new breathtaking experiences, and every little adventure captured (yes, have been diligent about putting pen to paper & snapping like a photo-crazed tourist). Planning to take memories & experiences and translate into snapshots of each city, town, island, market, pagoda, temple… once we get home. This is just a quick hello.

re: update

Must preface by saying that since I’ve started this post – having finished my first late aft cuppa – need to revise exciting revelation.

I’ve been testing my pathetic limits with caffeine. And those who know me well, are aware of spastic, off-the-wall tendencies when I drink coffee. Disastrous. Yet, have enjoyed a cup every day, for the past 15 days, like a normal human being. How you may wonder… or not wonder…

Breakfast = 3 course extrava-food-ganza. Every day. True story! Belly, filled with deliciousness, soaks up all that caffeine. And oui, have been slurping up steaming bowls of ph at 8am! Sadly, having eaten lunch hours ago, big bad caffeine high has hit and currently sitting across from L, buzzing with nervous energy, distracted by every movement, forcing self to focus in order to finish this post. Conclusion: not the strong Vietnamese coffee that has cured my affliction. It is, without a doubt, the impressive – or shocking, depending on who’s sitting across from me *ahem* L that morning – amount of food consumed. Reserving a post (or ten) dedicated to the foods, fruits and justifiably famous dishes of Việt Nam. Very excited to share.

Anyway, signing off to devour another deep-fried sesame-crusted mung bean ball of amazingness and investigate whether or not Hội An needs an English teacher, piano teacher, boat rower, pineapple carver…whatever it is, I’ll do it.

No, not a spastic caffeine-inspired thought. I WILL move there. One day.

Hope all’s well back home. k.x


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