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Home-made pho

Fragrant broth. Rare beef. Rice noodles. Steaming bowl of home-made pho.

Now, here’s my ritual:

Handful of cilantro, 4-6 thai basil leaves, 2-3 ngo gai long leaves.

Generous squirt of rooster chili sauce. Toss of bean sprouts. Sprinkle of green onions. Squeeze of lime.

Dash of black pepper. Another squirt of rooster.

Serious business, pho sho.

Yep. Ok, inhale and dig in! And there’s nothing quite like it.

My mother insinuates that I’ll fail at life if I don’t learn how to make pho.  Or, fail as a wife.

I gently remind her that I’m not married.

She shakes her head.

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Fresh shrimp rolls

So, I helped my mama cook this past weekend. 

Caveat: This consisted of me rolling shrimp rolls poorly (harder than it looks folks), eating those rolls (as a favour of course) & snapping pics on iPhone (while desperately wanting the G11)

After a while, she gave up. Just shook her head, and let me be. 

Content, eating poorly-rolled rolls. 

Nothing but the freshest ingredients. Vermicelli noodles, shrimp, pork shoulder, cucumber, egg, cilantro, asian herb (purposely vague until someone enlightens) etc. 



Look! It was V-day. I had to. 

yep, that's a heart.


How delicious do these look?! Well, I would know. Ate 3 while “helping”. 

gỏi cuốn (fresh shrimp rolls)


Assemble a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.
Tuck the sides & roll. Nice & snug.
The first will look deliciously fat & sloppy. Eat that one. Then, try again.
Each roll will look better than the last. Enjoy!


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Vietnamese, at its best

Home is where the heart is… or in our case, our tummies.

Delicious. Home-made. Vietnamese food. 

Hands down, my mama is the best cook. Ever.

Oh, I know. Big claim. Everyone feels that way about their mama’s cooking. Though, you may just be swayed (i won’t tell, promise) if I take you home with me for dinner.

No pressure Ma.

Sharing a few snaps to whet your appetite. Here are some of my absolute favourites. What we grew up eating…and what I crave all the time now. Will share recipes soon. Happy Tet! 

bún chả giò thịt nướng & tôm (rice vermicelli w/ spring rolls, pork & grilled prawns)

siu mai & wonton noodle soup

gỏi cuốn (fresh shrimp rolls)

 It wouldn’t be Vietnamese, if I didn’t include a steaming bowl of pho.

phở tái, bò viên (rare beef, beef balls)


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