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So, Food Network Canada posted a casting call in August. Vague, no more than a paragraph, calling for food lovers for their ‘zany new Food Network game show’. J came across it & threatened to have me committed if I didn’t enter. Laughed in her face – paused – entertained for a few min, shook head and chalked up as a crazy, silly idea.

Fast forward a few weeks later: in bed at midnight, spitting out “why you should choose me!” reasons… #6: will stand in line in -15C weather for brunch at Bonjour Brioche.  True story.

Also decided to submit lovely E (unbeknownst to her) as my partner. So sneaky, right? This would be my SURPRISE to her, for her 30th birthday.

Managed to keep quiet for all of 45min. Then promptly spilled the beans & both squealed like little school girls while our developers covered their ears in pain.

And guess what……….

WE GOT PICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our "we're gonna be on the Food Network... AHHHH! faces.

For serious. Me & E! Together. Competing against other food-crazed folks. “No eating, cooking, judging. Just trivia questions & cash. The more you can answer, the more money you win.”

Pretty sure I may have just ordered every food trivia game I could find on Amazon.ca.

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